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Add and publish shifts

Add shifts

  1. Go to Schedule tab.
  2. In the calendar, click + on the cell corresponding to the required date.
  3. Enter your shift details, like
    • Choose start and end time. Select Hide end time to hide the end time from your employees.
    • Select a position and an employee.
    • Add Break: (optional) Schedule breaks for the shift.
    • Notes: (optional) Add any information related to a the shift. For example, add client mobile number, tasks.
  4. Click Save Shift.

Note: Your employees cannot see or get notified of their shifts unless you publish it. Unpublished shifts are indicated by diagonal stripes.

Published, unpublished shift

Publish shifts

To allow your employees to see their shifts and send them shift notifications, you must publish their shifts.

Publish a single shift
  1. In the Schedule tab, click the shift.
  2. In the shift detail window, click Actions drop-down.
  3. Select Publish.
Publish multiple shifts

All the shifts visible in the calendar will be published using this method. You can apply schedule filters or change calendar views to publish only a set of shifts. For example, publishing shifts from day view will publish only shifts on that day.

  1. In the Schedule tab, click Publish at the top.
  2. In the publish shifts window, select any one of the options:
    • Notify employees with changes: Notification is sent only to employees having changes in their schedule from their previously published schedule.
    • Notify all employees: Notification is sent to all employees even if there is no changes in their schedule.
    • Don’t notify, just mark as published: No notification is sent.
  3. Click Publish Shifts.

Add schedule quickly

If you have shifts appearing regularly with same timings, you can save them as common shifts.

If your day, week, or 2 weeks schedule repeats, then you can copy the schedule from previous date range or save them as schedule template to create future schedules quickly.

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