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Copy shifts and schedules

Staffvelox supports copying a single shift, a day’s schedule or weeks’ schedule. This helps to save time if you have a consistent schedule, which you can copy to future date ranges.

Copy a single shift

  • Hold the control(Windows) or command(macOS) key and drag the shift to the desired cell.

Copy previous week’s schedule

  1. On the Schedule, switch to Week view.
  2. At the top right, click Tools.
  3. Select Copy Previous Week, to copy the previous week’s schedule to the current week.

Copy previous day’s schedule

  1. On the Schedule, switch to Day view.
  2. At the top right, Click Tools.
  3. Select Copy Previous day, to copy the previous day’s schedule to the current day.

You can apply schedule filters to copy a subset of shifts instead of the full schedule. For example, to copy an employee’s previous week schedule, filter the employee using the drop-down at the top and then apply Copy Previous Week.

Note: Copying previous 2 weeks’ schedule is also supported, whereas copying previous month’s schedule is not supported. Repeating shifts are not copied.

Copy a week’s schedule to any week

Copy Previous Week only copies previous week’s schedule, but if you want to copy week to any other week, save the week schedule as a template and apply to any future weeks. See schedule templates for information.

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