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Schedule overview

You can create and publish schedule from Schedule tab. This article will walk you through the components and tools available to create and manage the schedule.

Day, Week, 2 Weeks, Month Views

You can view the schedule in day, week, 2-weeks or month range.

Day, Week, 2 Weeks, Month Views

Click the left, right arrows to go to previous, next date ranges. Click the date drop-down menu to jump to a specific date range.

Next, previous date range

Employee, Position Views

You can view the schedule by employees or positions.

Employee, Position Views

Employee View

Employee view

  1. Total hours and wages of the employee.
  2. Shift scheduled to the employee.
  3. Time off.
  4. Availability preference of the employee.
Position View

Position view


You can view schedule of a single location or all locations at a time.

Location filter

You can view schedule of multiple positions at a time.

Position filter

Create and Publish Schedule

Click on a empty cell to create shifts and publish the schedule to notify your employees.

Publish schedule


Click Tools drop-down for more options like copy, export or print schedule.

Schedule tools

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