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Manage employee schedules, availabilities, time off and shift trades in one place.

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Build Schedules in Minutes

Intuitive Interface

Our work schedule maker provides a simple interface to build schedules quickly. Create shifts in one click, drag and drop to move shifts or even copy previous week’s schedule.

Schedule Templates

Save your standard schedules as templates. Reuse existing templates and modify it if needed instead of creating schedules from scratch every time.

Eliminate Schedule Conflicts

Employee Availability

Employees can set their availability, which then gets updated in the schedule. This helps managers to view the available employees when preparing schedules.

Time Off

Employees will be able to request time off, and managers can quickly approve or deny the request. Create conflict-free schedules with up-to-date time off requests.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Instant Notifications

Notify employees of new shifts and other schedule changes via email and text message. Make sure your team has up-to-date schedules.

Shift Reminders

Using our work schedule maker, send automatic shift reminders to employees via email and text message. Reduce no-shows and eliminate excuses for late arrivals.

Manage Schedule Changes

Shift Trades

Our work schedule maker gives your employees the flexibility to trade shifts with other qualified team members. Managers can easily approve or deny the shift trades.

Open Shifts

Post open shifts and send notifications to qualified employees. The schedule gets automatically updated once the pickup request is approved.

Access from Anywhere

Stay connected to your workplace from anywhere with our Web, Android and iPhone apps. You'll always be in sync with your team at any time.

And much more..

Easy Setup

Nothing to install or download. All you need is a web browser. You can get started quickly and access everything online.

Multiple Locations

Our work schedule maker supports multiple locations and makes it easy to manage employees across locations.

Calendar Sync

Sync your work schedules with popular calendar programs such as iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar.

Multiple Views

You can view your schedule by day, week or month. Filter schedules based on locations, employees and positions.

Custom Permissions

In addition to predefined roles, create your own custom roles with a set of permissions to fit your needs.

Print Schedules

You can print hard copies of your schedules and share them with employees who don’t have an Internet access.

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